My business is to provide people the opportunity to sample the exciting and challenging fishing available at the southern end of Lake Michigan. This page is dedicated to showing a bit of the behind-the-scenes work it takes to do that and to highlight the trips and fun my customers are able to experience.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


   I’m lucky enough to have traveled and fished from the Arctic to the Tropics for fishes large and small. I loved all those trips and experiences.

   But the key word is experiences. It’s not all about the fishing. It’s the people you meet, the guides and the places you experience along with wetting your lines and reeling your fish that make a trip memorable.

   Many of my summer customers are attracted first to the Indiana Dunes State Park and somehow discover my charter-fishing service as something to try while in the area.

     I’ve been to “The Dunes” many times and have long realized they are one of Indiana’s natural treasures. I've never considered how they stacked up against natural treasures across the country when you consider they would be up against places like the Everglades, Rocky Mountains, Cascades, canyons, desert landscapes and others.

   A recent poll conducted by USA Today shows they stack up quite nicely, thank you, ranking #7 in comparison to the top parks in the country!  Number seven of 6000 parks in the running.

Beach pavilion at Indiana Dunes State Park
   Way to go Indiana Dunes!

   If you are one of my customers coming to fish with me on Lake Michigan, consider making time on your journey to visit the Dunes. It’s only a few minutes away from the Portage Marina where I normally depart through the summer months.

    If you are a visitor to the Dunes, consider a fishing trip with me as a part of your experience. When you get back to the park you’ll have some fresh salmon or trout filets to grill up making your trip to this unique area even more special.    

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