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Monday, September 5, 2011


It’s September and the Lake Michigan season is winding down. I close-up shop on October 1st.
But the season doesn’t always end with a whimper. September features the peak of the king salmon run and the early stages of the coho salmon run.
These are not whimpy fish! The kings are at the end of their 4-year lifespan, the cohos at the end of their 3-years and both species are bulked up as big as they will ever be. I’ve already taken a couple of trips for the spawners and this year’s crop looks big.
The kings being hooked on the Brother Nature are averaging over 15 pounds so far and several were at the 20-pound mark.

Here's one of the upper-teen kings caught the first weekend in September by Bill Keaton.

There are plenty of weekdays available for morning trips and, since we are fishing very near shore, 4 or 5 hour excursions are possible which will save you a few dollars as well as put some salmon in your freezer. Check out my website for exact prices and contact information:http://www.bronature.com.

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