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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Old, painted floor
It wasn’t long after buying the current Brother Nature I figured out that A) it’s poor planning to have a white floor in a fishing boat - especially one that is launched and fished adjacent to steel mills and other coal-burning industries and B) the carpeted floors in my previous boats could probably grow vegetables. In the end, I painted the floor of the boat and sold a story about it to Great Lakes Angler magazine.

Trowelling on the new floor. 

That was over 10 years ago and the painted floor certainly showed its age. “Another thing to do on my summer’s things to do list,” I thought.

Long story short, (read about it in the May issue of Great Lakes Angler magazine), my boat now has a new floor. I didn’t paint it. It’s a floor material called “Safe-Floor.”

If you know what an artificial surfaced running track looks and feels like, it’s very close to that. The recycled tire rubber for each is the same - the bonding material for each is different. It has given the interior of the boat a face lift, but more importantly, the surface gives a better and more comfortable walking surface. For more information go to www.safe-floor.com.
New Floor - Front Deck

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