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Sunday, July 24, 2011


I run a full service charter boat. I supply all the rods, reels, bait–basically, anything that’s needed to catch fish is on board. I even supply ziplock bags and filet the fish that get caught.

So when my customers ask, "What do I need to bring?" I tell them drinks, snacks and whatever clothes are suitable. In the early season suitable clothes include thermal underwear, thick socks and a warm coat, but by mid-summer, not much more than a light jacket is required for the first hour or so. My last group taught me something else I may consider adding to my suggestion list.

Try to wear bright colored shirts and coordinate the colors. As I was snapping a photo of the last fish of the day, the other 2 fishers joined the happy angler for a group photo. Don't they look stylish and colorful in their bright Tees!

Why have a color camera if everyone is going to wear muted tones! So be on the bright side. Dress up for your next outing. It’s the stylish thing to do!

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  1. Captain Mike,

    This is white boy (Andy) from the pic. We had a great time. We didn't really plan the colorfull outdoor wear but hey we look fabulous! It must have been you good camera. I actualy forgot to pack shirts and bought one at walkmart. My brother-in-law borrowes his sons white hat and polarized glasses and Shane probably wore red becouse his wife told him he looked sexy in it.
    Anyway We had a great time even though the water was a little crazy from the storm that night and we joked about why we wore bright colors so the coast Guard could spot the bodies if we took the deep six. We were a little worried when we headed out in the rough water but after a couple rolled under us i figured you knew what you were doing or as crazy as us for a good time. You handled it well. Quite but well. Maybe you were thinking you should have sleep in. Even though we had stormy weather and rough water in the morning you knew patience would pay off and you were right. Thats another lesson people need to realize when planning a fishing trip or and trip. The weather waits for no one. Make the best of it and keep the line wet. Even though the fishing was slow becouse of the weather and our historical bad luck on trips, Good things come to those who wait. Plus a good Guide isn't bad. I also appritiate the way most of the Guides in the area share info on the radio to assist others with what's working. Theres alot of water and when the paying customers are happy everyone wins. Thanks for your professionalism and great guide service.