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Monday, March 7, 2016


Time to hook 'em up
  I love the trip from the boat launch to where I plan to set lines and begin fishing. Sometimes in early spring, that may be only a few minute ride. Other times in the heat of the summer it might be a half-hour or more. Whatever the length of the boat ride, those minutes are filled with what I call the “pleasant uncertainty.”

Check it out
  There’s no sure thing when it comes to fishing. I’ve had spectacular fishing one day go as flat as possum on I-65 the next. I’ve had days when the results of the day’s fishing far exceeded expectations. In short, each day faces uncertainty but since I’m “going fishing” it’s a pleasant uncertainty.

  Right now, I’m in a slightly different sort of pleasant uncertainty. It’s time to drag the Brother Nature out of it’s winter hibernaculum, clean out the vestiges of last season, then make sure the early season lures and other gear are stowed on board.
  Then, drag the garden hose out of winter storage, hook it up to the lower unit and see if the motor can be coaxed to life. A quick check of wheel bearings, a bottle or two of HEET in the fuel tank and then just wait for a weather report good enough to run with.

Catch some fish
  Can I get it all done?  Will everything work as well on the water as it does at home? Which marina should I visit?  What time should I aim to hit the water.

  I’m uncertain.... But it’s a pleasant uncertainty!

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